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Aug 14,2006
Acquisition of Adastra Minerals by First Quantum Minerals
Aug 03,2006
Adastra's Shareholders Meeting
Jul 18,2006
Adastra Shareholders' Meeting
Apr 27,2006
Conditional Proposal from Mwana Africa PLC
Apr 26,2006
Adastra Minerals Inc. comments on a reported incident in Kolwezi
Apr 18,2006
Improved Offer Mailed to Adastra Shareholders
Apr 11,2006
Adastra Reaches Agreement with First Quantum on Improved Offer
Mar 29,2006
Commencement of Site Works at Kolwezi Project
Mar 24,2006
Adastra Rejects FQM's Final Offer and Increased Offer from Mitsubishi
Mar 24,2006
Initial Sub Surface Sampling at Kolwezi Yields Encouraging Results
Mar 15,2006
Adastra Waives Shareholder Rights Plan
Mar 10,2006
Adastra Shareholders Overwhelmingly Support Rights Plan
Mar 08,2006
Adastra Receives Positive Kolwezi DFS and Completes ESIA
Feb 27,2006
Adastra Notes First Quantum's Failure to Address Value
Feb 17,2006
Adastra Rejects FQM's Bid
Feb 17,2006
Adastra Directors' Circular Recommending Rejection of the Offer by FQM
Feb 08,2006
Adastra Indaba Presentation
Feb 07,2006
Adastra Mandates IDC And Investec In Kolwezi Financing
Feb 03,2006
Adastra Minerals Responds to First Quantum Minerals Ltd.
Jan 24,2006
Adastra Minerals Update on First Quantum Minerals Ltd. Approach
Jan 18,2006
Adastra Minerals Responds to First Quantum Minerals Ltd. Announcement

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