Health and Safety Policy

Adastra Minerals Inc. and its controlled affiliates (the “Company” or “Adastra”) recognises its responsibilities as regards health and safety. The Company is committed to the integration of health and safety issues at all levels of project development and operation. This policy also links with the Employment Policy, the Community Development Policy and the Environmental Policy.

The Company will seek to develop an Employee Health and Safety Programme (EHSP) (including management procedures for its operations), in accordance with local legislation, lenders’ requirements and internationally recognised industry best practice. Adastra will implement training and development programmes as part of its objective of aiming continually to improve health and safety performance in the workplace and community.

The implementation of the EHSP will be a key requirement at all phases of project development. Adastra will also seek to require its consultants, contractors, suppliers and subsidiaries to adopt the principles of the Health and Safety Policy as a minimum standard.

The Company recognises the presence of HIV/AIDS in local populations and is committed to developing an HIV/AIDS policy, and where appropriate a programme of information, including training on universal precautions, for the workforce.

Policy Implementation

The Company is committed to protecting the health, wellbeing and safety of its employees and the safety of the communities affected by its project operations.

Thorough and technically sound health and safety protection measures will be developed and put in place at the earliest stages of project development, through exploration, development, operation and closure.

Specific goals

To implement this, Adastra is committed to the following:

  • The Company will adhere to all employment, safety and health laws, regulations and guidelines that are applicable to its projects. Where no such national framework exists, the Company will seek to apply the World Bank Group policies, guidelines and procedures as at 28th April 2004;

  • The Company will respect diversity and cultural differences;

  • The Company will work with employees, government, stakeholders and local communities to maintain open and constructive communication and to address priorities and concerns;

  • The Company will establish responsibility for Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health surveillance at each of its project sites.

  • A programme will be put in place to train employees in health and safety issues. Safety procedures and protocols for employee activities will be developed and detailed training given, covering methods of working, use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), first aid and action in emergencies;

  • The Company will provide a health screening programme as appropriate for employees and a Medical Centre to deal with general health and to treat minor emergencies at each of its project sites;

  • Accountability for health and safety performance will be established amongst employees;

  • The Company will work with employees, regulatory agencies and the local communities to promote awareness of and ensure preparedness for possible emergencies that might arise from the Company’s operations.

  • The results of the health and safety initiatives will be monitored in terms of both success and compliance with the Health and Safety Policy.

  • This Policy will be reviewed on a periodic basis and updated as necessary

Approved by the Board of Directors on 28th April, 2004.

Chairman of the Board:

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