Board of Directors

Bernard Vavala (47)

Bernard Vavala joined the Board as a private investor with significant holdings in Adastra Minerals. Prior to joining the Board, Mr Vavala worked for Standard & Poors in New York rating structured financing. Mr Vavala is a graduate of Brown University and holds a degree in law.

Tim Read (58)

CEO & Director
Mr. Read has served as the President, Chief Executive Officer and director of the Company since January 15, 1999. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Read was Managing Director of Investment Banking ay Merrill Lynch in London. Previous to that, Mr. Read was an Investment Banker and the Head of Mining at Smith New Court, London.

Mr. Read has a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) degree from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland and is a fellow of the Securities Institute.

Paul MacNeill (51)

Mr. MacNeill has served as a director of the Company since March 19, 1998. Mr. MacNeill is a lawyer who practices securities and corporate finance law in Vancouver, British Columbia. Prior to November 2002, Mr. MacNeill was a partner of the Vancouver, British Columbia law firm of Campney & Murphy,where he has practiced securities and corporate finance law for the past 18 years. Mr. MacNeill is a member of the Bar of the Province of British Columbia.

Mr. MacNeill has a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Toronto.

Patrick Walsh (58)

Mr. Walsh has served as a director of the Company since January 11, 1998. Mr. Walsh was Vice-President of Greycliff Securities, located in Dallas, Texas from 1987 to 1991. Mr. Walsh has been retired since 1991.

Mr. Walsh holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sir George Williams University, located in Montreal, Quebec.

Etienne Denis (62)

Dr. Denis has served as a director of the Company since October 11, 1999. Dr. Denis is a non-executive director of Umicore S.A. (formerly Union Minière S.A.), a mining company in which Dr. Denis was employed from 1974 until April 2003.

Dr. Denis, a metallurgical engineer, holds the degree of Doctor of Sciences from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium. He has over 30 years' experience in the metals and mining industry and Central Africa.

Bernard Pryor (47)

Bernard Pryor joined the company as Chief Operating Officer in August 1999, and a director of the Company since October 3, 2003. Mr. Pryor is a chartered Metallurgical Engineer from the Royal School of Mines, London and has over 18 years experience in the international mining industry, including senior management positions in mine operations, engineering consultancy and project development. Mr. Pryor previously worked for Western Pinnacle Mining Ltd, Minproc Engineers Ltd and JCI Ltd.

John Bentley (57)

Mr. Bentley has served as a director of the Company since October 3rd, 2003. Mr. Bentley is Managing Director of Osprey Oil and Gas, a private exploration and production company with focus on sub Saharan Africa. Previously he was Chief Executive of Energy Africa Limited, a South African Listed oil and gas company. Mr. Bentley trained initially as a metallurgist and has extensive management experience in the mining industry.

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